About Us

Sadhna Piles Hospital was established for treating Ano-rectal diseases such as Piles, Fissure& Fistula. It was founded by Dr.(Mrs) Ajay Verma on 25th May 1981 in Pinjore ( Haryana,India )Fistula cure (Bhagander) - by Dr. (Mrs.) Ajay Verma 30+Year Exp. Sadhna piles Hospital is well known Centre in Pinjore (Haryana). We give the specialyinjection treatment for the piles & Kshar sutra treatment for fistula –in –ano. We had treated thousands of patients with non surgical method with high success rate

What We Do

We give the specialy injection for treatment of the piles. Kshar sutra technique for second and third digree haemrrhoids and fistula –in –ano. We had treated thousands of patients with non surgical method with high success rate

Our Facilities

Sadhna Piles Hospital have following facilities. Minor operation theater.Private Rooms and dispensary. Pathological LaboratoryGeneral Ward.24 hours doctor & trained staff.Latest treatment with Ksharsutra technique.

Our Services

Sadhna piles hospital has comprehensive facilities for treating various ano-rectal diseases (Piles, Fissure, Fistula, Perianal abcess, rectal polyp etc.) successfully with the help of non-invasive kshar sutra, rubber band.

Our Doctors

Dr.Ajay Verma

Mr. Vijay Kumar MD

Who We Are

Sadhna Piles Hospital, The Best Piles Hospital in Pinjor. We are among the leading names in the field of Ano Rectal diseases .The reasons are as follows:
Team of highly qualified, experienced, and trained doctors.
Professional and friendly supporting staff
Well established and Modern infrastructure
World-class treatment at reasonable prices
Personalized care to give a homely feel
24 hours light and water supply.
24 hours Nursing facilities.
Well equipped operation theatre
Self-manufacturing unit of Kshr Sutra.
OPD and Indoor facilities with good sanitation and widely spacious private rooms. Hospital is centrally airconditioned.

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